Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Greetings from the family compound......

Sunset across the pond at the resort

Greetings from the resort. Its about 9PM.   Came up today after being delayed yesterday waiting for some merchandise B ordered did not arrive on time.  Its good to be back upcountry and be able to celebrate Marina's 2nd birthday tomorrow with the extended family.  Was a bit tired so I took a three hour nap before getting on to the system and doing emails and this blog post.

On the way up,  I was both shocked and overjoyed at the construction work being done to expand Hwy 201 from National highway 2 to Wat Rawiang.  That portion of the Hwy is just two lanes, one each way, and is the slowest and most dangerous part of our commute from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum.  Once that portion is expanded, we will have a divided road with two lanes each way from the main highway all the way into Chaiyaphum.  It will cut the driving time by at least 30 minutes each way and likely save a few lives in the process.

What is most shocking is how fast its happening.  The road is nearly 2/3 cleared of trees and rough grading started.  This is in a period of just 7 weeks.  B thinks the road will be completed in six months maximum and it stretches over 60 KM.  A similar project would likely take 10 years in California and would likely never get built due to cost, environmental issues, and regulatory challenges.  

Things are going well at the resort.  We are 1/2 full tonight and its the slow season.  Will have a good walk around tomorrow morning and in the meantime, we are waiting for the rain that was supposed to come because of a tropical storm off the coast.  Thailand, like California, is in desperate need of water.  Looks fairly bleak as the government has asked farmers not to even try to grow their second crops of rice and veggies.  With all the idle farmers and equipment in the area, it may be a good time to start construction of our fish pond.  Labor and equipment can be hard to come by this time of year and we can help some of the farmer friends in the area by offering them some employment.  

Lastly, Marina's birthday is tomorrow.  My little girl is growing up so fast that I wake up each day amazed at her progress.  She is speaking 2-3 word expressions now, counts on her fingers, and is a joy to be around.  She can run like the wind and is strong enough to beat up the boys a lot order than she is.  A big cake is in order and a big party is planned.  We bought a ton of crab and seafood for a big barbecue tomorrow night and will definitely post some pictures.


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