Sunday, June 28, 2015

Heading back to the Mango

We're headed back to the mango this morning.  I have to get my visa extension taken care of and the US Embassy won't have a slot available until the first of July.  A real bummer because I wanted to be here at the resort for my birthday.  But I can't complain because the process has been smooth every year except the US Embassy part because my visa comes so close to the 4th of July holiday.  In addition to that, the embassy usually closes on Fridays and that limits the options even more.

Anyway, I will enjoy a week in the Mango and maybe make it over to the Friday night buffet this week.  Will be nice to see the guys and hang out a bit at the reservation.  Don't get to do that so much anymore with my present situation and miss it, but only a tiny little bit.  I am very happy now and enjoy the company and conversation with friends more than the P4P scene of the past.

B just came in, its time to go...more later maybe...from the mango.

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