Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Its always been about the debt.....

The Greek crisis is about debt.  Its always been about debt and money that controls the governing powers and even the people themselves.  The expression "I owe my soul to the company store" came about in the days when mining companies also had a store where people living and working near the mine could buy things.  They also extended script credit so that workers could buy against future wages and earnings.  Well it didn't take too long for miners to get over their heads and had to work just to pay off their debts to the company store.  The mining companies were enslaving the workers through debt and that is exactly how the various institutions have enslaved today's people and government institutions.

History tends to repeat itself for those who are not informed

Greece is like that poor guy who is so far in debt that he could only make payments on the interest. Meanwhile his situation is so dire that he can't get more work or income and cutting his expenses means still suffering for who knows how long because he can't make enough to pay for both the principle reduction and interest.  But suddenly he is faced with the choice of walking away from the whole thing in shame and starting over with nothing or faces years of suffering only to come to the same place again.

I think the choice is simple.  Take the medicine now.  Walk away and take a default and get out of the European Union and the banks that control it.  It will be painful and lots of people will suffer and some may die, but in the long run this may be what Greece needs in terms of incentive to start over with new money, new monetary governance, and a new financial structure.  Greece may never get money from some lenders again, but maybe that will be good and force them to live within their means in a cash only society for a while.

In a way, to walk away from the Euro is to reclaim the country's soul by having to live through hell to get it back again.   But in the end, would you rather be free or enslaved like others in the chains of the company store?

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