Saturday, June 13, 2015

Last weekend in the Bay Area

This is my last weekend here in California for a while.  Its been a significant stay for me, nearly two months and I am really missing home and my daughter, Marina.  While I get to talk to her daily (or several times a day) via Line, its not quite the same as being there.  

Today, I will be participating in a kite event in San Francisco's Presidio.  Kite makers from around the area will be displaying their works of arts in fabulous displays and aerial exhibitions.  It should be a lot of fun.  Will take some pictures and post tomorrow or the next day.
Smart Stage 'Sis' for Marina

Also started packing my stuff to bring back to the LOS.  I now have three bags full of stuff and have to decide what to take this time and what to leave for next time.  Can't believe I have so much stuff to bring back.  Bought four recurve bows, arrows, and even a new motorbike helmet on this trip.  Then there is the large assortment of bears and toys for Marina and the goodies for buddies in the big mango.  I feel like Santa Claus of the Summer season with all the stuff I am bringing back.  Good thing I am allowed three bags with my frequent flyer privileges.

Have a nice weekend!

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