Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little Marina turned two yesterday

Two years old today!

Two years ago......
My little girl turned two yesterday.  Can't believe that she was so tiny two years ago when I first laid eyes on her.  It was just like yesterday when I got off the plane and rushed to the hospital to see her and B.  Marina was born while I was in the air between SFO and Taipei.  She was a month early as I had planned my trip in advance to be around to help B to the hospital and be around the moment she would be delivered.  But fate had its little tricks and thus I was a few hours late instead.

One really happy baby

I was hesitant having another baby at my age, but in retrospect, its been one of the best if not the best things that have happened to me.  The joy and fun she brings to my life and our extended family is priceless.  I know that she will be a special girl with tons of love from her parents and her family.  I am doing all I can to set up her financial future and schooling and hope that I can be with her a long time.  Its my incentive for staying in shape and working out at the gym regularly.

Lot of fresh Crabs on the Barbie

T-Bone Steaks on the big Barbie

Birthday Cake ready to go....

So we had a little party for her yesterday.  Just family and close friends at the resort.  On the menu was steak and crabs and of course, birthday cake.

We had a great time and today, B and her family wanted to celebrate their good fortune with Marina so we took a trip to a special Wat to make merit.  I will do a special on this remote Wat in another blog post because I think this is one really special place that has been neglected and is in need of help.

In the meantime, we have officially entered into the "terrible twos" period of her life and expect things to be a bit - no - a lot more challenging!

Marina enjoying her cake

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