Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ten More Days......

and it will be back to the land of smiles.  Sorry for the sparse postings, but its been a bit of a hectic schedule for me.  During the week, I've had to do some legal things associated with our property and take care of some personal and family things.  I also have a house guest as Bangkok buddy is visiting until next week.  I did have a chance to go to both the archery and shooting ranges yesterday during one of my totally free days.  It was good to do some shooting again as I have been negligent in my practice sessions which are necessary for all gun owners to stay sharp.  Having a gun for self defense does one no good if it can't be used properly and accurately.  It was also prompted by the incident described below in this blog post.

The renovation and redevelopment project continues at a furious pace.  Fortunately, that is something we are not responsible for, having given that right and responsibility to our joint venture partner.  This trip back to California was to ensure all the legal documents were in order and in place for a longer stay in the LOS.  When completed, this old piece of property will hopefully have another lease in life for the next few decades.

On a more serious note, B's car was attacked by a crazed man wielding a machete yesterday in front of a 7Eleven store on Rama IV.  She and the baby were not injured, but her car door and passenger side window was smashed.  Glass and perhaps part of the blade injured her younger brother's leg.  The man ran off before the police arrived, but they have an idea of who the individual was as he has been terrorizing the neighborhood with his recent bizarre behavior. They will also be reviewing the CCTV video from the 7Eleven for details. The car was full of  passengers, with her aunt and uncle and Marina in the back seat.  She was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.   I am just thankful no one was seriously hurt - damage to a car can be repaired.

Slashing at the exterior of the car

While the LOS seems likes paradise, it too, has it share of crazy people who likely have been burned out on drugs, society, or whatever.  Be cautious and always be alert as if you are likely to be at home.

To that end, I have ordered a couple of self defense items to bring back.  It may not have helped in this situation, but I know from now on,  I will have something in the car should I need it since I cannot carry a firearm in the LOS at the moment.  I will make sure B has one in the car from now on too.  Both are available on Amazon.
Cold Steel Shorty

Road Pro 

Its also time for us to initiate the proper legal process to acquire a handgun.  From our trips upcountry to the resort to the needs of self defense in the mango, having something 'just in case' makes a lot of sense.  This incident has unfortunately set back my perception of Bangkok being safe.  I realize now that its just like any other big city, with its share of social issues and dangers.

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