Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The day is finally here.......

Its finally time to head on home.  

Tonight, or early in the wee morning of tomorrow, I will board that silver bird for the jump over to the other bookend.  Its been almost two months, and so much has happened.  From working at a golf tournament, to finishing my legal paperwork, to spending almost two weeks in Italy, its been one thing or another.  Now, its time to get home to family, friends, and hot weather.  B says its been hot and humid in the Mango recently, and its been raining almost everyday.  Its consistent with this time of the year - the start of rainy season.

I will finalize my packing today and do one last round of shopping.  My bags are full with goodies for family and friends and I'm close to my weight limit, but I am still a few items short.  Some stuff will just have to stay behind until the next time over.

Was really glad to witness the Warriors win the NBA title last night.  It may show my age a bit, but I saw the Warriors win their last championship 40 years ago.  I was just a young buck back then, fresh out of college and Richard Nixon was the president.  Long dry spell indeed, but the new owner, like the Eddie Debartolo of the 49ers of the past, is intent on bringing championship basketball to the bay area again.  Suddenly, the bay area has become a championship powerhouse - with nearly every team winning something except the Sharks.

All this sports stuff is a distraction however, to the greater problems that we face as a nation.  Fresh from my trip to Rome, it reminds me of how the Roman Emperors distracted the people with sports and games at the Colosseum and Forum, while Rome was rotting from the inside.  With our attention diverted to sports, reality TV, and movies its distorts our view of reality and sedates our painful economic spiral downwards.

So, its time to head home, go to the country and get ready to celebrate Marina's birthday next week.

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