Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Powers that be...

Many think the G7 summit and conferences that the world's elected leaders attend are significant events worth a lot of press coverage.  After all, these are leaders of the most powerful and economically robust countries on the planet right?  Unfortunately, what is little known is that these politicians and leaders are likely just figureheads of the people who really control the power...through their monetary interests.

This week, the Bilderberg "policy" conference starts in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.  Never heard of them?  Not surprising as most people haven't either, and they don't like a lot of exposure and probing into their private little party to discuss the future of the world.  A quick glance of the member list is like looking at a roster of all the financial power brokers and central bankers that control all the money and financial systems of the entire planet -- correction--western planet.  Noticeably absent (except for some token members) are the Russians, Chinese, and other 'BRIC' players that might make their 'policies' awkward.  Topics include Greece and yep...Russia.

Many people do not believe that a small group of people can control the entire planet.  It sounds like something out of a movie or the ranting of conspiracy theorists, but this is closer to reality than most realize.  It makes a lot of sense that the people that control the money and the monetary system can control the world -- and if the same people meet regularly to 'discuss policy' then the question begs asking is "who is supposed to use these policies against whom? and who will enforce it?"  When the IMF and World Bank is telling the Greek government what it must do to get out of debt...we know who controls the power in Greece..and its likely the case in every other Bilderberg Group controlled country.

Then there begs the other question, who controls the Bilderberg Group?....that's discussion for another time and blog post.

In the meantime, hold on to your money and hard assets.  Something big is due to happen soon.  We all feel it in our bones.

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