Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We've had it all along

The recent Patriot Act to Freedom Act debate about phone records is really a bit overblown.  For the longest time now, all the phone records of every American has been tracked in excruciating detail.  Not only that, unlisted numbers, and other really private stuff has also been tracked for years.  That information is kept by the phone companies.  I know, because I worked for the 'phone company'.  

Have you ever wondered how all the details about every call you made can be listed on your phone bill?  Yep.  The phone company has it all.  For years now, every employee that comes in contact with the customer or billing data is sworn to privacy.  Its a offense that can get one fired and potentially arrested.  

Aside from voice calls, the phone company has the ability to intercept data over its network with sophisticated diagnostic equipment.  They've had the capability for years.  The company never data mined the information nor used it except by court order from law enforcement.  They also can find out where someone is calling from at nearly real time as well (not like the old days of tracing calls).  There were audits and safeguards in place to keep the data confidential and for decades, this trust has been kept for the most part.

So while we distrust government (as we should), we on the other hand should applaud the phone companies for maintaining that trust that they will protect our privacy, even though they are now required to give it to big brother.  We all know from history that big brother cannot be trusted as politics and privacy is like oil and water.  So what is the issue now?  VoIP.  

Some Voice Over IP apps have tracking info, but most do not. The bad guys know this and they know that phone calls can be tracked.  So the whole point of tracking is rather useless at the present time and thus is overblown.  Leave it to the politicians and law makers to be one step behind the bad guys --- but its not the bad guys they are after are they?  They are after the everyday citizen and our rights to privacy.  

Yep.  Big brother IS watching you.  Not the bad guys.

Only one answer is left..............

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