Friday, July 3, 2015

Good to go for another year...almost

Things went smoothly at Thai Immigration except for one item.  I didn't get a year's extension, only about 49 weeks because my passport was due to expire before the 365 day period.  That means I have to get a new passport soon and then transfer my Visa and Re-entry permits to the new passport.  Will they give me the full 365 days then or will it still remain the same as my old passport?  Won't know until I do the transfer.  The process itself was smooth due to good planning.  I was out the door with both my Visa and Re-Entry permit before 11AM.  Ended up 7th in line at the Visa section and 49th in line at the Re-Entry section...having had to get my Visa first.

Anyway, I plan on getting my new passport here.  The guy at the Embassy said it took only 2 weeks and that I could go by and pick it up when it was done.  My condo is only about 10 minutes from the Embassy by motorbike taxi and so that sounds like the way to get it done.  In the states, its by mail,  takes longer, etc.  Cost is the same at both places.

I drool every time I come here for an indoor kite fly...

Afterwards, I also had a chance to see the large OTOP show that was in the lobby.  It was good to see some use of the huge space and gives me hope that one day, I will be able to organize an Indoor Kite Festival in Bangkok using this building.  In the past, under the old government, it was not possible to have any events in this lobby.   I've posted before about Indoor kite flying and its time to bring some of it to the land of smiles.  The kiteflyers are up to it, but will the TAT be willing to fund it?...  Never heard of flying kites indoors?  Here's some videos !

One million views and counting!

 This guy is from Taiwan...sits on the chair the whole time 

There is also a large food court on the lower level of the government complex for those that get hungry after being at immigration all day.  Food is reasonably priced as it caters to mostly the government workers in the building.  Rice plates range around 35 to 45 baht.  Plenty of seating.

Today, I hope to make it to the free buffet.  Got a chance to be alone for a couple of days as B and Marina are going up to the resort today.  B wants to set up some merchandise for sale this weekend at a local market.  Told her I might go up Sunday to join her and check up on the fish/irrigation pond construction.

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