Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to the Mango Today......

Going back to the mango today.  Right into the thick of things as the latest information from the news shows that the likely suspects were living and operating right in my neighborhood.  Whether they are still there is unknown, but very unlikely.  If they didn't high tail outta there by now, then they are pretty stupid.  We know that they are not stupid and in fact, pretty proficient in setting up the bombs and so far, evading the manhunt.

But I am not going to be scared to go back to my neighborhood and condo.  I stand in full support of the other Thais that are doing the same - going on with their daily lives and giving respect to those that were killed and encouragement to those that are injured.  

Looking at the Asian Markets this morning, they are down again...not surprising after the big drop in the US Market.  The slippery slope is getting steeper and the next couple of days will be indicators if we have the ability to avoid going over the edge.  Stay tuned....

Will post more later as its getting close to departure time and I still need to wrap up a few things here.  More later from the mango.

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