Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Black September?

Its 9 PM, the first of September here in the land of smiles and I am getting ready to turn in so that I can drive back to the mango tomorrow.  It will be my last night here at the resort until next month and I wanted to make sure I got everything I needed to bring back to either the mango or to Kalifornia.

Many people believe that this is the month that is going to be a watershed in economic history.  Many key events were tied to this month, and so far, one of those events, the stock market has not started out very well - being down today in the Asian Markets.  A quick peek at the futures shows another brutal day ahead for the US Stock Market.

Shipping rates and volumes are down, gas prices are down, and margin calls on some traders went out yesterday.  Expect more turmoil in the markets and more bad news from mainstream companies.  There just isn't enough horsepower in the average consumer citizen to move the economic situation forward.  Too many are in debt, on government assistance, or unemployed.

Anyway, Marina is calling and time for some shut eye.  More tomorrow.

The good news is that they captured another bomber suspect!  

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