Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Couple of days left.

Been busy the last couple of days.  Had a chance to go to the archery range a couple of times and spent a lot of quality time with Marina.  She likes the water so we had a couple of swim outings at the condo pool.  Even invited some of B's cousins to join us as they were in town.  Afterwards, we all went out to eat at the Fish Head Restaurant at Chong nongsi.

Yesterday, I took a few hours to visit MBK to do some shopping.  Bought some little handbags with the Disney movie 'Frozen' characters on them for my grand daughters and an extra one for Marina.  As I was walking around, I noticed that MBK was really quiet.  I haven't seen the mall so devoid of people in a long time.  You could actually see from one end to the other along the isles in the mobile phone section on the 4th floor.   Sales clerks were hungrily out front of their stores waiting to snag people walking by.   Even the guy I buy tendon soup from in the food court told me his sales were hurting due to lack of tourists.  Most shop keepers were complaining about the lack of tourists and business...and this was MBK.

Besides being low season,  I've also noticed drop off in visitors at the reservation.  During last Friday's buffet outing, the streets, shops, and many bars looked empty - almost felt like a Thai holiday - but instead it was labor day weekend and it should have been rocking busy.  Lots of talent around and it looks like very little competition so its a great time to be here in the land of smiles for the single guys that like to party.

One full day left and a few more errands to do before that ride on the big silver bird to California.  If only I could hold back the time.

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