Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last morning in the Mango...for now

Its going to be my last morning in the mango for the next six weeks as I get ready for my jump over to the other bookend....Kalifornia.  Tried to stay in bed as late as possible so that I could sleep next to Marina a bit longer.  Going to miss her a lot as she co-sleeps with us every night and having her snug up at night and seeing her little face in the morning just gives my day that extra boost.

But this trip is essential for a couple of business items and personal obligations.  It will also allow me to get away and stay connected somewhat to the situation back in the USA.  I see my trips to the USA as business trips now as I have mentally shifted my home here to the land of smiles.  It will also be a shopping trip for things I need and want from the states.

Uneventful last day yesterday as it was mostly shopping and chores.  Got Vanna all washed up and cleaned and she will go under the covers this morning.  I always cover Vanna when I travel because there is so much dirt flying around the mango.  Leave a car uncovered for a month and there will be a film of black dust and soot when you get back.  Covering Vanna keeps her looking new, plus I am going to bring back some more Mother's Car Wax on this trip so she can get a new wax job on my return.  Here in Thailand, you can get your car deep cleaned, buffed,  hand waxed and machine polished for around 1800 baht.  Takes three hours and they will also detail your engine in the process.  Car comes out looking showroom brand new.  Normal hand car washes and vacuum of the interior and washing of the mats cost only 120 baht.

Also spent more time at MBK for gifts yesterday.  Still a quiet place - not many tourists yesterday as well. 

So as I write this blog entry, I get to enjoy my last cup of 12 baht coffee from the nice lady at the corner and some barbecued pork sticks (moo bing) and some sticky rice too.  Can't get any of that stuff over in Emeryville - especially a 12 baht cup of coffee.

What awaits is a lot of uncertainty.  Looks like the market dropped AGAIN last night so I assume that all the attempts by the powers that be cannot stop the slide downwards.  I just hope that I am not caught in some crisis and can't make it back to the mango.  In any case, I will definitely give priority to an exit plan if the SHTF as soon as I get to Kalifornia. 

Maybe more later from the airport...flight leaves at 4;20pm.  Love the late departures on Thursday!  Its like getting an extra day.

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