Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spend a big part of the day at Bumrungrad

Went back to Bumrungrad for follow-up tests from last week.  Had to wait for labs, X-ray, and complete blood panel before seeing the doctors again.  They gave me some medications last week and wanted to see the outcome.  Ended up changing them again so something milder as the symptoms were gone.  I'm off the blood pressure medication and on a milder statin (Mevalotin) for my cholesterol.  Follow-up again in 2 months when I get back.  Not convinced about the cholesterol being bad, but I do have a fatty liver and it will have to be monitored carefully. 

All in all, due to waits, travel, etc., it took most up of my day and just ended up doing nothing except taking a nap for the evening.  Saving my energy for tomorrow.  Going for a  long 2 hour massage tomorrow and then to the free buffet.  Got to enjoy myself before heading to Kalifornia right?  Only one week left before my trip.

It appears that progress is being made on the bombing case.  A third person was arrested today and it looks like they have begun to put the pieces of the network together from interrogations,  phone records and other forensics found at the scene.  It sure appears that this network of people did the work, but what seems to be missing is the real motive and means behind their efforts. Its not as simple as walking down to the store and buying detonators and dynamite for your bombs.  Also, how quickly they got out of the country, etc., shows that they had some experience and connections. If this was a case of busted human trafficking, some people have been getting bribes to look the other way and where this will ultimately lead?  I think some really powerful people are going to be implicated before its all over. 

Lastly, hang on to your cash.  Or should I say you can't take it out or deposit it without arousing suspicion anyway.  See this story about how a little girl could not even deposit $60 at Chase Bank.   The excuse is money laundering, but its really cash control as the government wants to control your money and access to it like they did in Greece.  

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