Friday, September 11, 2015

Touch down in California

Well I am in Hotel California.  Got in around 8:15 pm, cleared customs and immigration and got my ride to the condo before 10:30 pm.  Smooth trip all around.  Had lots of space on the flight and no one next to me on the long leg between Taipei and San Francisco.  Its either the low season, or the travel industry is starting to feel the impact of the slowing economy.  Many empty seats in elite and business class.

The bay area is having a heat wave so it was around 70F when I got in and now its a toasty 83F in the condo.  Just perfect for me as I will just have to open the windows tonight a bit and feel just like home.   Supposed to cool off tomorrow and next week, but I will  take any kind of weather the bay area never gets too hot or cold here.

Time for a shower and some sleep.  Long trip across from the other side of the planet.

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