Saturday, October 31, 2015

48 hours

The last couple of days in the mango have been a bit crazy, but its always like that for me.  Managed to deliver packages to Bangkok buddy, who was headed off to Vietnam, and also Barnaby to give him his stuff.  In the interim, had one doctor's appointment and another one rescheduled to today (doctor rescheduled due to emergency surgery).

Some of B's family are in town and I'm playing a bit of a host role, taking them out to eat, etc.  In all, things should be getting better as B heads up for the country today and I will follow in a couple of days.  Plans are to see if I can schedule my hernia surgery for the week of November 7th.  That will give me time to go up to the resort and get back comfortably.  I don't expect to be out too long as the surgery is supposed to be very straight forward and the recovery time short.

Have to pay my auto insurance and get a new policy.  Vanna's registration is due to expire in a couple of weeks also.  

Aircon unit still down and haven't had time to call anyone yet so we are living off the aircon from only one room and using a couple of fans.  Good thing its not the hot season so things are still manageable.  Will try to do it next week.

More tomorrow after I have had a chance to come up for some air......

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