Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just woke up...

Was a lot more tired than I thought today.  After not being able to fall asleep early this morning after arrival, I finally got tired and slept all afternoon.  So aside from being tired, the jet lag hit me big time today.  I like my old schedule of getting in around noon time better.  That schedule allows me to tire myself out on my arrival day before bedtime the first day.  Even then, it will take a week or so before I am fully adjusted.  

Two doctor's appointments for this week and will likely hook up with Bangkok buddy to deliver his goodies tomorrow.  Also plan to see Barnaby this week and if I recall right, Johnny Walker should be in town as well.  Looks like its going to be a busy couple of days.

On the home front, I arrived to find out one of my aircon units is down.  The unit's fan and controls seem to be working, but the air coming out is not cold.  The compressor unit on the outside doesn't seem like its running so I guess a service appointment will be necessary.  Good thing we have two units, and the one in the bedroom is more important and that one is running fine.  

With a great homecoming reunion with Marina, what else can I say but, "its good to be home again!"

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