Sunday, October 18, 2015

One week left...

Just 8 days left before I board that big silver bird back home.  Can't believe how fast and slow it has been on this trip over.  Its fast in that I have little time left to finish my chores and it feels so slow when I miss being with my daughter when we talk via our video calls.   I still have a 70 foot pine tree that needs to be cut down next week and some more shopping to do.  Also my youngest son's 35th birthday is next weekend and the plan is to take him to a prime rib restaurant.  Prime rib is still his favorite after all these years.

Its too bad that they don't have too many modestly priced prime rib restaurants in the big mango...especially the ones that serve USDA prime grade meats and Yorkshire pudding.  I am thinking of going to Broadway Prime Rib in Burlingame.  Its not a fancy, overpriced place, but their meats are great and the staff is friendly.  Been going there for years after giving up on House of Prime Rib in the city due to overbooking and mediocre service.  The place is not cheap, but its not overpriced either for what you get.

It looks like I will need a new car when I come back to Kalifornia next time.  My old trusty CRV is showing signs of her age.  The A/C failed a week ago and the cost to repair it is worth more than the value of the car.  Just yesterday, the catalytic converter light came on.  That's another $400+ job to fix in order to pass the next smog inspection.  I think after 211,000 miles, and 15 years, it has hit the end of its product life or cost to repair value.  Might even consider leasing a car as I spend so little of my time here anyway...

Lastly, I bought a new bag for my trip over.  I don't have a need for my long golf bag this time as there are no kites or golf items to bring.  Decided on the Eagle Creek "no matter what" rolling duffle.  I liked the size, the wheels, and its construction.  Have had Eagle Creek luggage for years and have yet to be disappointed.  Had a couple of items replaced under their warranty so they do live up to their claims.  

Eight more days...hope the world stays intact for that much longer.  We seem to be almost past the October doom and gloom predictions so far.  But next month is another battle for US funding and who knows what that outcome and fallout will be.  

Lastly, Barnaby sent me a link to a very interesting 9/11 video.  Worth watching and might even open up some eyes on a very tragic incident.  Link here:

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