Sunday, October 25, 2015

Packing my bags....

With just a day left before returning home, I have plans to pack today so that I can have Monday morning free for any last minute surprises.  Needless to say, my bags are very full and a bit heavy but I hope my Gold card status will allow me the extra weight without having to pay extra.  Instead of clothes, I am packing items that I can't get in the land of smiles or are very expensive to buy there.  

I am so full that I had to leave out some goodies for friends.  Sorry Barnaby, you don't get your soup on this trip.  Also no Spam for Bangkok buddy either....555

Got a bit of surprise call this morning.  Marina, with a tiny bit of help, called me herself using Line.   I answered my phone half asleep and there was Marina with half her facing showing and trying to talk to me...555.  B was driving and gave the phone to Marina to play with - so she decided to call.  She is only 2 1/2 and too smart for her pants.  Technology and kids have advanced so far in the last few years.  I couldn't image video calls from a mobile phone from half way around the world a decade ago, let alone being done by a 2 1/2  year old kid.  Can't wait to get home though as things are getting crazy in Kalifornia.

Had a great dinner at Broadway Prime last night.  It was extremely crowded and by 7PM people were outside the door.  The meat was superb as usual and yesterday the Yorkshire pudding was exceptional.  Maybe it was because we were early and got served before the place got packed.

Anyway, off for some chores today and a good night's sleep.

That is it for now...1 more day...yeah!

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