Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Visiting the Pumpkin Patches

Had a chance to visit some pumpkin patches in the area a few days ago.  The bay area has some great weather for growing pumpkins and each year around this time, there are farms that go all out in creating a pumpkin patch destination.  Hay rides, pony rides, corn mazes, scarecrows, and birthday parties are some of the usual activities at these farms along with pumpkin sales.  Lots of families make the trek over for their annual pictures in the pumpkin patch with the kids...until they get too old and bored of the venue.

Most of these are located along the coast near Half Moon Bay and an easy drive from anywhere in the Bay Area.  I am sure there are also plenty of these patches in the Central and Sacramento valleys as well - anywhere where there is plenty of space.  When there is plenty of water, many of the pumpkins are locally grown because the weather is ideal here.  In fact, there is usually a competition and weigh off for the world's largest pumpkin every year at one of the local festivals.

This year, the drought forced many places to bring in pumpkins from outside the area.  That severely impacted the cost as can be seen in the photo below.  The big pumpkins were selling for $40 apiece where as in the past, they were only around $20.

But the trip over was not to buy pumpkins, but to get away from the heat and to get some pictures of the fields.  Everything is staged, but still it is still a great atmosphere for kids who really didn't care if it was real or not.  I also wanted to get some pictures to send back to Marina.

I will be back in the big mango for Halloween.  Its mostly an adult holiday there with lots of parties at clubs and places like Khaosan Road will go a bit wild.  Don't know if they celebrate 'trick or treat ' for kids like they do here, but it will be interesting to see if there are any pumpkins available and how much they cost.  Maybe a project for the farm next year?   I guess I will have to decide on Halloween day if anything is worth going to...but it will be a Saturday night!

Six more days.....can't wait.


  1. You can get 'proper' Halloween pumpkins at the international supermarkets in Bangkok, but they'll be small and insanely expensive. Of course the local (green) pumpkins can be had for like 2 USD. If you don't mind some cultural adjustments it's a lot cheaper (and more delicious!) :-)

    1. In a way I am glad that Thailand has not really embraced this holiday which has become more commercial than ever. Those pumpkins at the international markets this year will cost a small fortune!


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