Monday, October 5, 2015

Went to a Movie Last Night

Went to a movie last night.  "The Martian" premiered this weekend.  Its a science fiction yarn about an astronaut stranded on Mars after a storm and his struggle to survive and return home by using his wits and scientific knowledge.  Pretty decent movie, even with all the scientific flaws in the movie, but this is Hollywood right?  What does hit home is how far things are away from planet earth.  It would still take the crew over a year to get back under a normal mission schedule.   And that is for Mars, our closest planet.   So the possibility of travel to other planets on other solar systems seems impractical with our current technology as no one could live long enough to every reach their destination and return.  But it is Hollywood fiction and the movies, and a good box office weekend for Twentieth Century Fox.

But the real movie I want to see, but will not pay the exorbitant video on demand price they want, is "The Forecaster".  This movie is/was banned from screening in the USA, but is currently available in Europe and on the internet.  Never heard of a movie that is banned in America, the country with the most liberal free speech and expression laws in the world?  Its not even Porn, beheading, or other stuff normally censored by reviewers and the government.  Even the main stream media is sidestepping this because its too controversial.   This is a movie about a man who was jailed over a computer model that predicted the economic outcome of certain events.  The model was so accurate that the FBI, CIA, and others demanded his source code and after refusing, was jailed for nearly ten years.  This is documentary about Martin Armstrong, who 99% of the public doesn't know even existed due to the white washing of his achievement and making him a criminal.  Shrouded in controversy, Martin Armstrong is an interesting character who has a wide following among the conspiracy crowd.  

Doesn't this second movie sound much more interesting than the first?

Oh, by the way, Armstrong and others predict that this next week is going to be the start of the next big collapse.  I hope I am not stuck here in Kalifornia and have to use my wits and knowledge to escape back home.  There are still a couple of weeks left on this side of the bookend.

We don't have to wait very long to find out.  

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