Saturday, November 14, 2015

At Home resting....

All is well in the Land of Smiles for me - I am home resting and taking it easy for the next few days.  Have a followup appointment with my surgeon next weekend and in the meantime, its rest and physical therapy.  Supposed to walk 3 times a day, building up strength and keeping my circulation healthy.  No trouble getting around the condo and not too much pain either.

Would I do it all over again?  Yep.  I feel it was a good time to have it done while I was still in good health and not too old.  This surgery would be very difficult in 10 years and the risks would go up significantly - not to mention the cost.

When I checked out, one of the going away presents besides some home medication was a DVD of my operation.  When I am in need of something shocking, I will just slap it on and get grossed out.  But seriously, all operations should be recorded now - just for your medical records should something come up in that area in the future.  Just like taking pictures of a house under construction so that you know where all the pipes, electrical wires, and air ducts are located without having to punch holes in the walls.

More as I have the energy to post, but definitely will be at the Friday night buffet later this week!

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