Monday, November 23, 2015

Buck Naked...underwear

Back awhile, I posted about great travel clothing.  You know, the stuff that is comfortable, easy to wash, and dries quickly.  One of the challenges we all have when on the road is packing enough underwear.  Cotton underwear, while very comfy, has a lot of disadvantages when travelling.  They take a long time to dry and are uncomfortable if they get really wet.  So if you are travelling a long time, you will likely need to pack lots of underwear to stay fresh.  But there is a solution!

The new technology nowadays is synthetic underwear.  This kind of underwear is cool, comfortable, easy to wash, and has technology to get rid of the 'stink' any underwear gets with use and age.  With this kind of underwear, you can wash them in the evening and they can be ready the next day.  Keep a few sets in rotation and you can have fresh underwear for the entire trip.

Anyway, the reason for today's post is that Duluth Trading Company is having a big sale on these Today ONLY.  Boxers are only $14 a pair, briefs are $12.  Usually they sell for $22 or more, so when they get on sale, I stock up.  These are equivalent or superior to the REI counterparts.  Remember its for today only!!!!

If you are interested, the website is here.  They also have some great travel pants that I recommend, the "Dry on the Fly flex" pants and shorts.  

I am not getting any sponsorship or money for this post.

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