Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 4

Its now 4 days since I had surgery and I can feel my body healing more each day.  I slept pretty well last night and I am totally off pain medication.  There is no pain if I am standing or sitting and this morning, I was able to walk about 20 minutes around the track downstairs.  Also got my appetite back and was feeling really hungry when I woke up.  There is just a feeling of tenderness when bending or stretching around the abdomen.

Plan to go out later today to either Tesco or Tops Market for some additional supplies.  I will bring B with me just in case I can't around or can't drive back but I feel a heck of lot better today.   No matter what, it will good to just get out of the condo for a bit as I am getting a bit stir crazy.

More later depending on how much energy I have left.  But this will be the last post about my recovery as I am sure this is getting quite boring.  

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