Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting ready for the free buffett

Nothing in life is free right?  Well, this is not free, but its  pretty close.  All one needs is to buy a drink and some of the participants do only buy a bottle of water - so it practically free.  Its not the free food that brings me, but the opportunity to see friends in the mango who are involved in so many different activities that its hard to catch up with them except this one time in the week.  Its been kind of a tradition for some of us for years.

Even then, it hard for me personally to make it every week.

But tonight, I'm back from the countryside and not too tired so I will be heading over in a few minutes.  Its not anything exotic or erotic that we do, considering all the possible venues we have here, but just a gathering of buddies to shoot the breeze and hang out for a few hours.

But this is life in the big mango...just hanging out and loving it.

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