Saturday, November 14, 2015

Going home soon...hopefully in an hour

Got cleared by both doctors to go home.  Can get around on my own, but very slowly.  Not too painful, just a feeling of tenderness.  Turns out that I had two hernias, one at my belly button an the other on the right side.

Changed to blogging on my iPad and hopefully can send a photo or two now.

The highlight this morning was a video of the operation that the doctor narrated.  It was very interesting how much can to be done through just three tiny holes.  Unfortunately don't have a picture of the video presentation before he left (the above news program is regarding the horrific massacre in Paris).  Watching the news makes my little hernia problem feel really insignificant to the suffering of the French people at the moment.

Nice big room with Refridge and microwave.

A tired and pooped out B taking a nap on the guess couch.  
Great to have her nearby.

Standard hospital bed. Good window view

More later when I get home.  But overall experience not bad, although the service was a tad bit better from the nurses at Bumrungrad.  Doctors here in this hospital are better however.

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