Saturday, November 28, 2015

Got Scammed today....but all is OK

Got scammed today by a fake website.  After I made the online purchase, it didn't look or feel right, and when a few red flags popped up, I decided to investigate further.  Good thing I did as it did turn out to be a fake, despite its slick appearance.  I am usually pretty good at spotting a fake, but I was fooled this time.  The site looked SO legit.

Link here, but please don't buy anything:

This is likely a counterfeit Chinese merchandise site or a site to skim credit card numbers.

I expect that North Face will be closing it down soon, but until I reported it today, no one at the credit card company knew about it.  Anyway, I closed both credit cards and also stopped payment on the charge so my loss is protected.

How did I find out it was fake?  First of all I highly recommend using  It will look up details of the website and give you important details about how long its been around and ownership info.  In the above case, the site was only 1 day old and the owners were 'protected' but located in Panama.

The second giveaway and red flag was this link:

Northface would never put out such a page.  Its full of grammatical errors where English was definitely not the writer's first language.  North Face is a US based company.  Also the contact info was funny as it referred to a hotmail account.

Should have checked all this out BEFORE I  ordered something.  It would have saved me some phone calls to my credit card company to stop payment and put my credit cards on hold.

Lesson learned.  Things are not what they seem, not only in Thailand, but more especially on the internet.

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