Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Heading back to the Mango tomorrow

We will be heading back to the mango tomorrow as B has an appointment in the late afternoon. While I hate to leave the resort, there are just some things that have to be done in the mango.  The weather is so pleasant up here compared to the mango that I want to enjoy every day we can up here.  

In the morning when I get up for my walk, its in the low 70s and it will peak out around 90F at around 2PM.  That means most of the time, its in the 70s and 80s with not too much humidity because we are 600+ ft elevation above sea level.  In the winter, we sometimes have weather in the 60s and that's when the locals bring out their down parkas and snow suits....555.  To the locals I seem odd because I am still wearing shorts all day and almost everyone will be asking me if I am cold.  They just don't comprehend that we Bay Area folks wear shorts anytime we can see the sun...even if its in the 50s sometimes...555

Went shopping for patio furniture today.  We are in need for table and chairs to put outside of each bungalow for our guests.  The rooms have wicker chairs that can be moved outside, but I think having something permanently available is much better.  Went to Makro, Global House, a couple of local furniture stores, and Home Pro.   Anyway, we think we found what we needed at our local Home Pro.  

At around 3200 baht per set, its a pretty cheap addition and can be repainted if its rusts or otherwise gets too discolored.  Should serve us for years to come.  Had to order from the warehouse and won't arrive until the 14th.  Hopefully it will be here when we come up next time.

That's it for now, more from the mango tomorrow.

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