Friday, November 6, 2015

Mango Mornings

Good morning big mango.

Your heavy, thick mist awaits me this morning
with no breeze, your breath smells likes old times-
like diesel smoke, dirty streets, mixed with the aroma of food.
One thing though, you may be older but are never boring.

You're noisy, crowded, and full of hustle and bustle of the big city. 
But beautiful angels in tight skirts and business clothes fly about everywhere
and the hint of fresh flowers and exotic places fills my nose as they pass by
Yes, this must be the BIG mango not the itty bitty

Motorbikes like mosquitoes in a dense jungle with their engines moaning
play in perfect harmony with the roar big diesel buses and trucks droning
high above the skytrain streak noisily on their metal tracks
Everyone's in a big rush to work and just coming and going.

But for me, the mango is home - my sweet home for today
like no other place on planet earth between the bookends
For you see the big reason why all of these things are bearable to me
It's just because of these unique things make the mango like no other place far away. 

Have a nice Friday and will try to make the free buffet tonight.  Its likely that I will be banned from the internet soon for my lousy attempt at some funny poetry, but it was fun to give it a try....

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