Sunday, November 1, 2015

Posting from the resort

At B's urging, we drove up to the resort today.  Its now about 6PM, having taken a long 3 hour nap after the drive.  Was very slow today due to the road improvements and repairs, forcing the closure of many lanes.  The recent rain storms caused some damage to the roads and some sections looked like mud and rock slides covered entire lanes.

Anyway, we are safe upcountry and will be here for the week.  Should be  back in the mango around Friday for the free  buffet and my hernia surgery is scheduled for late the following week.

Took a quick peek out back.  The rainy season has started and there is high water all around.  The ponds are mostly full of water and the land around us is flooded.  Our little khlong is not visible at all.  You could not tell that there was any features to the land at all at this point.

This irrigation canal is totally submersed at the moment 

These ponds are barely showing 
Water is everywhere, but at least we didn't put very many fish in the ponds and have now figured out the best way to raise fish will be with floating fish net cages.  Otherwise the flooding every year will scatter the fish all over the area...555

I will have more flyover pictures tomorrow with the drone.

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