Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Angry Birds were out tonight !

Day or should I say, night one of Loy Krathong has started at the resort.  Tonight, we decided to launch  a few of the sky lanterns B bought today in the town.  We bought four packs of them and each pack contains about 12 lanterns and cost about 35 baht ($1) apiece.   Our launch is supposed to be tomorrow night, but all the kids couldn't wait, so we decided to let them send off a dozen tonight.

What's different this year is that there are designs on the lanterns.  They have put cartoon faces on the lanterns.  Kind of corny, but it does add some additional humor to a very fun event.  Tonight, it was the flight of the Angry birds!

The lanterns are sold flat, 12 to the pack, ready to assemble

First you unfold the lantern and attach the fire ring to the cross wires
Make sure its centered or you will have a flaming fire!

Light and wait for the air inside to heat up

Marina watches as daddy prepares her lantern
Marina hangs on waiting...
That look is priceless as it takes flight
Look at that one!

More tomorrow as that is the official day for Loy Krathong up here.

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