Saturday, November 7, 2015

World Class Archery in Bangkok

I missed last weekend's Asian Archery Championships here in the mango.  Just got in earlier in the week and was jet lagged and didn't check the calendar or I would have gone to see the matches.  Ended up driving up to the resort instead.

The event was held at the beautiful Hua Mark Sports center, which is open to the public and is also the field for the National Thai team's practice venue.  Distance for the tournament was 50 meters.  These videos below are live feeds, meaning that there is some dead time between matches and will likely be pulled down shortly by the WA TV network and replaced with the condensed version suitable for network TV.

Unfortunately there was not a large crowd on hand and not much publicity in the media.  Too bad, as these were great archers from all around the region.  At least I get to see the TV version in the comfort of home.

First video is for the Compound bow division

The second is the Olympic Recurve Division

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