Friday, December 18, 2015

Archery plus went to see Star Wars in 4DX yesterday

First of all - spectacular weather here in Bangkok today..75F (24C) this morning and a little breeze. Best time to be here and unfortunately, I am going back in a few days.

Met up with Bangkok buddy yesterday at the archery range and shot my Olympic recurve bow for a couple of hours.  I think its finally tuned properly although it still makes a lot more noise and vibration than I like.  But that's a problem I will deal with in the future as I am going to start using my traditional bows again.  There is just something about the feel of simplicity in a traditional bow setup.  No fancy sights, stabilizers, magnetic arrow rests, etc., just you, the bow, the arrow, and zen shooting.

After the session at the archery range in the afternoon yesterday, I went to see the new "Star Wars, The Force Awakens" movie in 4DX at Siam Paragon's Cineplex.  There are many choices for the big screen experience available in Bangkok.  There is the plain old 2D, digital 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, and now the newest 4DX.

What is 4DX?  Developed by a South Korean company named CJ 4DPlex, the movie track is synced to seats that vibrate and move, plus other environmental factors such as wind, water, scents, lights, and other effects.  Think of it as kind of a cross between a Bug's Life and Star Tours for those Disneyland experts).  Jets of air blast at you when the blaster shots flash by in 3D, feel some water when they brush by water, and the seats vibrate, tilt, and roll with the Federation flyers and they dogfight, etc.  Each seat in the theater is equipped with the special equipment so its an expensive undertaking by the cinemas.  The cost for a seat next to the prime section cost 500 baht ($14.50 USD) but I would highly recommend it for a special movie such as Star Wars.

Won't say much about the movie except that it was pretty good.  Some surprises, but I won't reveal them to you as to not spoil your viewing.

Anyway plans for today include a bit of shopping, a trip out to Chinatown maybe, and then the free buffet tonight.  Just five more days before my trip and I've got to make every moment count.


  1. Will wait for Rogue One when it comes out next year. It actually has a significant Asian character. Make that 2 in fact...played by Donnie Yen & Jiang Wen.

  2. Yeah, I will definitely go to that one too. Its supposed to be released in Dec 2016 so I hope that my schedule is such that I am here during that period. The nearest 4DX theater in Kalifornia is down in LA and I'm not going that far for a 4DX theater...555


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