Friday, December 11, 2015

Bike for Dad is Today.....plan your day accordingly

The Bike for Dad event is scheduled for today, which means many streets in Bangkok will be closed to traffic starting around noon until midnight.  Its a major closure and many of the more popular shopping and business venues in the city will bar traffic during peak hours.  More than 100,000 participants are expected to participate and a new world's record is expected if all the provinces are included in this event.  We were out of town in August for the Bike for Mom event but it was a constant stream of people for many hours.  All of it was televised so I expect the same for this one.

Even if your street is not closed, prepare for traffic jams as people try to get around the closures on streets that are not designed to hold the extra amount of traffic.  

Unfortunately, our street is going to be one of those closed to traffic so that means I will only be able to walk and use public transportation today.  The CBD seems deserted like a major holiday and I'm sure its going to be interesting when all these bikers come rolling down Sathorn Road.  Will try to get some pictures to post tomorrow.  Don't know exactly when the bikers will get here, but I am hoping that it won't interfere with my free buffet tonight....555

Anyway, here is a map of the route of the event.  Streets are supposed to close around noon and re-open around 10PM.  Hours are subject to change and the latest is that it may close as early as 10AM.

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