Saturday, December 12, 2015

Definitely a new world's record

The Bike for Dad event is definitely going to shatter the existing world record established earlier this year by the Bike for Mom event.  Figures of 600,000 plus riders from around the country and world are quoted.  How many were actually registered, how many participated, etc., are left up to the world record judges.  But from my viewpoint, it was massive - taking many hours for the cyclists to go pass our building.  The route in front of our building was not the main procession, but instead the longer one for the more advanced riders.  Even after three hours, there were riders coming and going along Sathon Road.

You won't see this very often...CBD totally devoid of cars and motorbikes on a Friday afternoon!

Leading the procession

And they kept coming and coming

and coming until way after darkness fell
Darkness did not stop the stream of on both side of Sathorn Road.

She wanted to go too, but it won't be for a few more years....555

Small gathering at the free buffet last night, but the lobby was full.  Lots of people in town, including a special visit by Buddha, oops I mean Jesus...  He just got in yesterday and will be here a bit.

Plan on going to the Lopburi Sunflower festival tomorrow and wander through the fields and take some pictures with Marina.  The festivals run during the dry season and usually run into the new year.  Should be a lot of fun, especially with an outing to the nearby dam.

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