Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting ready to go upcountry this San Bernadino

Just packing and getting stuff ready to go upcountry.  Got on the system to check email and then noticed all the alerts and news feeds on another mass shooting in San Bernadino, Kalifornia - my home state when I am in the USA.  Our prayers go out for the victims and families of those impacted, but while the motives and details are not yet clear, it sure smells like a Paris 'copycat'.  

But authorities don't want to call it a terrorist incident.  

If it wasn't politically motivated, it was definitely terror related - especially to those who were locked in or in the line of fire at the facility. It can be called a workplace incident, but I think the best name would be 'Work place Terror' if it turns out to be a disgruntled employees or customers.  But I can see this happening more at a IRS office and not a social services office where they give away money instead of taking it.  It sure smells like something people don't want to call it.

No more speculating at this point.  Time to go upcountry away from this crazy world full of crazy people.

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