Friday, December 25, 2015

Its more appropriate this year......

Last year, when this light display came out, many were asking what does Star Wars have to do with Christmas?  

Anyway, with this year's release of SW, the Force Awakens the timing is perfect.  How many people will be in the movie theaters on Christmas day?...lots.  Many of them will be watching the Star Wars movie, which is breaking all kinds of records.  So, here is an updated Christmas light show from Tom BetGeorge, who has moved to a new house and revamped his show.  I was fortunate to see his display live last year and would like to see it again, health permitting.  Its even more spectacular than last year.

Likely will skip the Christmas Eve parties tonight.  Decided not to go in respect of the people and kids attending.  Don't want to give them what I got.

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