Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Putting off our upcountry trip until tomorrow

B and I decided to wait one more day before going upcountry.  We've been asked by a few relatives to bring goodies back upcountry for father's day and they were not ready last night to give us all the stuff, so it will be one more day in the mango.  We are just such nice people to keep our relatives happy...5555

I don't mind as that will give me one free day in the mango that I didn't plan for.  Maybe archery again today or some shopping or ????

Just hoping that the roads are not going to be too crowded tomorrow going up.  Friday is a killer for sure so this might be a short turnaround trip of just 3-4 days as I plan to be back next week.

Great dinner with Bangkok buddy and Johnny Walker last night at Fish head.  We went to Asiatique afterwards to look around and get some coffee as it was in the area.  Was JW's first time to see the place, but I think he will go back again in the future.  Highly recommend Asiatique for the evening ambiance and for visitors to Bangkok.  Lots of places to eat and hang out.  Either take a taxi to Charoen Kung, Soi 95, or better still the MRT to the Saphan Taksin Station and catch the free ferry. Asiatique opens after 4pm and runs until midnight every day.

Here is a brief promo intro to the place from YouTube.  When you are in town and want me to bring you, just holler.

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