Thursday, December 3, 2015

Safely upcountry.....

We arrived at the resort a bit after 1PM.  Nice smooth drive and not very crowded due to the Father's day holiday.  That was a surprise as last time for mother's day, it was an extra 3-4 hours of driving time.  Being a day early helps as I think lots of people have to work until Friday.  

Really beautiful weather here today.  Its a pleasant 30C (85F), with low at 23C (70s) tonight with relatively low humidity compared to Bangkok.  

Supposed to get our first batch of 5,000 Tilapia fish this weekend.  B's father went down to the government office to get on their order list a while back and they told us this week.  Hopefully we have had all the water and rain for this year so we won't lose them to flooding.  The plan is to try to raise them as big as we can and then sell them before the rain and floods come next year.  The optimal growth cycle is 6-8 months so hopefully around June to August of next year, we will have fish to harvest and sell.  It will hopefully be well in advance of the rainy season which start here in late September.

It will be our fist season so we will be starting small and experimenting.  Will cost us 1 baht per fish for the stock and if we can get an 80% survival rate, we will have more than 2 1/2 tons of fish next year.  Fish food will be the biggest expense which we hope to reduce by using duckweed.  It will be fun to see how all this turns out.  The least we will have is a fun  pond full of fish for a few months to allow the guests and family to give their luck a try with a rod and reel...555 like shooting ducks in a barrel.  

They are pests in the video, but we raise them here for food.  Good eating fish too!

More later, time for some food and hanging out.

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