Sunday, December 20, 2015

Shopped till I dropped

Went shopping all day yesterday.  In the morning, I went out to Chatuchak and wandered around a bit for small gifts and stocking stuffers.  Found some small bears and bunnies for my grand kids and also a few Santas.  Also picked up a cheap backpack for hauling stuff around the mango and in the country.   The market is changing fast with lots of new construction.    But through it all (after 3 1/2 hours), there was very little of interest to me and everything just seemed so trashy or gimmicky.   At least it was cool yesterday, making walking the market bearable.  Also the merchandise is getting more upscale and the prices are higher and harder to bargain down.

I guess there are just too many people willing to pay the asking price or too many Chinese buyers who haggle all day taking up valuable sales time.  Negotiating in Thai helps a lot and that might be the best way to approach this market in the future.  

Car 'Boot' sales section - mostly new stuff 

After coming home, I rested a bit and then went to the Ratchada Rot Fai Market 2 (the new Ratchada Train Market) behind the Espanade Mall.  Its supposed to be the makeover of the old market that was two train stops up which was closed a couple of years ago.  There are also a few markets near the Big C that I wanted to check out as well, including the dirt market at the old Jusco Mall.  Its open every night, but the weekend is when they are supposed to have the best stuff.

Found that the Rot Fai Market was a pretty neat place for something to eat and to hang out if you like to drink.  There are a bunch of restaurant/bars made from converted old trains, cars, vans, and buses.  Lots of places for cheap food from more than a hundred little food stalls that line the first couple of rows of the market. Most of the sit down places were full.  A great place to have a meal and people watch if you are in the area, especially with the cooler weather we've been having in the Mango the last few days.  Ratchada for me, is where one can find the prettiest women outside of the CBD just walking around carrying on with their day to day lives.

Clothing at this market is mostly geared for women (as are most of the markets) so its a good place to pick up gifts for younger women and girls.  But you can also get a haircut or a tattoo from a few of the stalls as well.  Impossible to find anything to fit me at these markets, so I just look mostly for things to give to other people as gifts and to drink in the flavor of the night market.

Overall, I would rate this market a 6/7 for shopping and a 9 for food, beverages, music, and a place to hangout with friends.  Easy access from the MTR as well make this something that is worth a least one trip out here.

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