Friday, December 4, 2015

Such a lovely morning.....

Bet you haven't seen these before....morning glory flowers

Yes, its such a lovely morning upcountry today.  Beautiful weather, clear,  in the low 20Cs and a bit of a breeze when I took my morning walk.  This may be my last trip up here for a bit as I am scheduled to go to Kalifornia for the holidays and some business for about 6 weeks total.  Will be back on Feb 17th and then off to some kite festivals and entertaining guests who will be in town around that time.

This morning, I decided to savor the resort by walking around and taking some photos.  I am constantly giving thanks for the beauty and abundance we have.  It took a lot of hard work, a bit of luck, and lots of time.  I will miss this place when I go to California in a couple of weeks to freeze my butt off, but I know what awaits me when I get back.  Click on any photo expand.

Orchids on  our trees

The area around fish pond
(full of catfish)

Resort hedges neatly trimmed
Papayas in abundance

My baby Banyan Tree
Newly sprouted Palms from dropped seeds

Cherry tomatoes

Row of palms we grew from seeds
Bougainvillea wall for security

Bottle palms

Passion Fruit

Plumeria Trees in bloom
It was just an amazing walk this morning.  Not forgetting to mention all the birds and butterflies.  Totally forgetting the outside world and all it problems. Need to do more of this up here!

Meanwhile, back at the you know why we call it the Reservation.........

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