Monday, December 14, 2015


We took our 'field' trip out to Lopburi yesterday for the Sunflower festival.  Lopburi is about two hours north of Bangkok, but we  didn't go into the town proper and stayed along highway 21 and road 3017 to the Pasak Chonlasit Dam Park.  The largest sunflower fields are supposed to be in this area so we concentrated our efforts here.

Typically, sunflowers grow to a height of almost six feet so a field of them is like being in maze.  Reminds me a lot of corn fields back in the states.

The Sunflower Field

Obviously set up for father's day
Marina having a great time
A bit shy when mom is taking a picture
While there were flowers in some of the farms, I think we came too late this year.  Due to the shortage of rainfall and other conditions, many of the larger farms had already harvested their crops. But there were a few smaller farms that were still open and we did get a lot of pictures so the trip was worth it.  The farms remind me of the pumpkin festivals back in Kalifornia where families come out for the pictures and enjoy the countryside.  Lots of things for sale at the farms and admission is charged for adults.  Nominal fee of 10 baht per person to wander around all you want.

Honey and bee hives from all the flowers

lots of stuff on sale
Admission 10 baht to the farm
From there, we went to the huge lakeside Pasak Chonlasit Park.  Many people out to picnic and just hang out by the water.  There are tractor rides and booths selling everything under the sun.  Numerous eating places for those that are hungry and a visitor's center for maps and information.  We spent a bit of time exploring, but this place is too big to see in a couple of hours.

The park is located at the end of road 3017, which is off highway 21.  

Tractor rides

Park Shoreline - all the way to the distant outcrop of land

The dam
We bought some sunflower seeds to share with the relatives and for eating at home.  These are very good tasting seeds which are a bit smaller but more flavorful than the seeds normally sold in the states.  They are available plain and flavored, shelled or in the shell as well.

Best time to visit the fields in November to January, but I highly recommend the end of November or first week of December for the largest number of fields to visit.

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