Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ten Year Anniversary

Would you believe that this blog is ten years old?  Little did I know that when I started this blog back then that it would last this long and be such fun.  Its been something that I can look back on and treasure as it documents from my perspective, (for myself) the events and moments, of my life for the last ten years.  

A couple of years ago, when things started to get ugly between some people here in the mango and blogs were used as a platform for attacking and hurting people, I took my blog private for a while and then decided to bring it back after some thought.  My response was to take the history offline and leave only the current year's posts available for viewing, even though I kept everything from the first blog archived.  I also published my blog in book form so that I could some day hand them over to my kids to read.

So as I celebrate this 10th anniversary and the coming New Year, I want to provide something special to my readers over the years.  I will open up access to my old posts (the first eight years) on an invitation only basis.  You can have access to the blog by simply requesting an invitation.   The archived blog link is:

Just email me or leave a comment below to obtain access.  Your comments and email information will not be published on this blog.  Also, I think you have to be registered in blogger to get access.

My first very first blog entry from December 21, 2005,

Living on the Bookends of the World

Well, I finally gave in and decided to start a blog. All this time, I was thinking "what satisfaction do people get from putting all their stuff on the net for others to read?". It finally dawned to me that someone else in the world would be interested in my life, my adventures, my viewpoints, and my speck of existence in this vast expanse of "time". It does sound a little egotistical, yet it does provide an outlet for people to express what they thought was their contribution to this world and time.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I will try to add contributions as I can and express my viewpoints and experiences so that all can share. Stay tuned!

Anyway, please have a very safe and happy new year's eve.  If you are in Thailand, have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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