Thursday, December 10, 2015

The day after the parties......

I'm glad its over.  One of the longest days for me yesterday as I usually get up early and go to bed at a reasonable time.  Yesterday was an exception as I had two social engagements on the same night.  

Johnny Walker's going away dinner at Oishi was great.  Aside from the great food, we had a chance to catch up with him on his stay and his future plans to spend more time here in the land of smiles.  A generous man, he picked up the tab for us as a gesture of friendship and thanks for helping making his stay pleasant.  Afterwards, we had coffee at the McDonalds next door and wished him a pleasant and safe back to Canada.  Take care JW, see you again next trip.

Afterwards it was off to B's party.  It was an Inter-School reunion  party of sorts at a pub in the Laprao area.  Turned out pretty nice as the pub was a refurbished boat converted into a Disco/Karaoke complex.  The boat is floating in a little pond and is part of a large complex of other pubs.  The name of the club is The Immortal Boat Pub and Karaoke, some images of the club here.
  I didn't find a website, but they do have Facebook page.

Entrance to the complex

Its a real boat!  
Anyway, the party didn't get started until after midnight and was scheduled to run until morning.  Don't know how they got around the 2AM alcohol ban, but I think since it was a 'private party' that they were allowed to bend the rules?  No matter as we didn't stay until 2am as we had to get Marina from B's aunt before then.  Lots of  'not too old' girls trying to revive their student days and guys dressed like they were in grade school again.  Just a bit of silly fun but a good experience overall.  

Laprao is one of the centers for great pubs and entertainment for younger local Thais and Asians from the ASEAN countries.  Many local bands perform live here, but being a bit older myself, I don't venture into this area too much anymore.  

Anyway, a few of my photos for the evening.  Didn't get too many shot inside the disco as it was too dark and I think people wouldn't like my flash to go off in their faces in the darkness.

B with one of the Club Owners

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