Monday, December 21, 2015

two days left......

Just two more days left on this bookend.  Getting that feeling of being squeezed for time again but I know that this trip to California won't be very long and should be a bit of fun too.  Will just have to get used to the cold weather again since I haven't worn a long sleeve shirt since late October.

A bit late on this, but its been more than one month now that I had my hernia operation.  It was Friday the 13th of November when I had the surgery and was laying in my hospital bed wondering how difficult and long the recovery process would be.  The great news is that the recovery is so complete that unless I think about it and really try to feel around my senses, I would not even know that I had an operation.  Most days during the last few weeks, I don't even remember having surgery as I can do most things like before or better.

The three holes where they entered my abdomen have healed, but they are still dark in appearance.  But sticking to the doctor's advice, no Golf for another month - which is just in time after my return back in mid-February.   So for those contemplating the surgery...get it done its not that bad at all. 

We were going to go to the Fantasia Lagoon water park the Priest recommended last week, but Marina is getting over a cold plus the weather is considered cold for the locals (mid 80s), so instead we took Marina to Furarium yesterday.  Funarium is an indoor playground and fun park for kids.  When the average temperature outside is in the 90s, having an indoor, air conditioned playground for kids makes sense.  Along with a huge playground set up in zones according to age, there are facilities for special events, arts and crafts, and parties.  They empathize safety and sanitation so there are monitors all over the place and especially at all the slides and the equipment is wiped down several times a day.  Kids have to wear special socks and have their hands cleaned and sanitized before admission.

There are even 'quiet rooms' on the second floor for parents of older kids who don't need supervision.  Conveniently located near the Big C on Rama IV ( at Soi Ari or Sukhumvit 26), the facility is about five years old.  Their website is here:

Big Slide - one of the favorites

Marina is still a bit too young to enjoy the entire complex, but I think in a couple of years it would be hard to get her outta here in 3 hours!  Still she had a great time and wore us both out supervising her. A bit pricey at 200 baht for 3 hours, but after all, this is a private playground and not something funded by the government or city authorities.  There are yearly memberships available so if you live nearby, you can take the kids everyday if you want...555

Marina feeding ball up the vacuum chute

We need one of these to keep her in during the day...ha ha ha
Plan to spend the day packing and getting some food items to take to the States.  I like to bring back Thai spices and other ingredients for making Thai food.  I actually miss Thai food when I'm in Kalifornia and don't like the high prices they charge at the Thai restaurants.  My 35 baht plate of Pad Thai is over $10 USD at most places...and its not even that good!  Some prepacked curries and other spices make wiping up a dish quick and easy.   Then there are those Tong Garden peanuts...

More later as its going to be a long day.

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