Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Long day today.  Aside from a bunch of activities during the day, I have dinner plans for Oishi tonight for Johnny Walker's going away gathering.  Then a short stop to a pub later with B.  

Just two weeks left for me on this end of the world and so some furious shopping is in order starting today.  The Christmas/New Year trees are out in full already.  Funny how the Christmas trees represent 'New Year' here in Thailand where mostly everyone is Buddhist.  The trees are adorned with cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. instead of  Nativity scenes.  Seems like Thailand is pushing Christmas to be a commercial holiday instead of a religious event.

Bring it on....make America great again

Is what the headlines are saying over here.  But they also seem to leave out the second half of his statement that says "until our representatives figure out what is going on".   In saying that, he has drawn out objections from the mainstream politicians, mainstream media, and CAIR.  My view on this is great (not regarding the ban).  He must be doing something right to PO so many people and organizations but many 'silent' Americans actually support his controversial views and may be his election day 'Trump Card'.  It brings these subjects out for discussion instead of being buried under the 'not PC' or 'Racism' veto all discussions buttons.  I am not a Trump supporter (not yet anyway), but I like his audacity to avoid being 'politically correct' when he expresses his views. He scares a lot of liberals, professional politicians and political 'talking heads' and he definitely has a big target on his back from this point on.  The race this year will be an amazing spectacle to behold.  I'm glad it is across the other side of the planet.

In the meantime, its big decisions like what kind of arrows should I be buying as my first set to use in my Olympic recurve bow or should I be using my new riser from China instead of my Hoyt.  You know, these are really hard decisions that affect me personally, right?  And then there is where to go for lunch  and what I should be wearing tonight...just another stress free day here in the big mango.


  1. Then Thailand is not far behind the US when it comes to X-Mas being a commercial, rather than a religious holiday.

  2. Anon,
    You are absolutely right on this and sorry to be so cynical about the context. Thailand is no different than other countries when it comes to exploiting December 25th. Christmas has become more of a commercial holiday all over the planet and the true meaning of Christmas has been lost to many except for those that Christians. Black Fridays, cyber Mondays and pre, post, and Christmas day sales are all reflective of consumerism and spending overshadowing the event.

    This is the unfortunate state of the US/West today and why many others of different faiths and government styles look down on our own self proclaimed greatness. In the end it really does come down to "Borders, language, and Culture" that determine a country, to quote a controversial radio host in the Bay Area.


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