Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Went to Thai Immigration today....

Had to take a trip to Thai Immigration today to transfer my visa and re-entry permit to my new passport.  With less than six months remaining on my old passport, I decided to get my passport renewed here in Bangkok instead of Kalifornia.  The price was the same, but the turnaround was quicker.  I got my passport in less than 10 days after submitting the application in person.

The decision to go out there early really paid off  as there was a huge crowd waiting to get in at 8:30 am.  Bangkok buddy and Jay Leno also came along today as Jay had to take care of some visa issues of his own.  We got to the office at 6:45 am and the line was already 29 people deep.  This was one hour and 45 minutes before opening.  My estimate is that there were over 150 people in line when the office opened.

Ending up getting #3 in the "L" line and was done getting my retirement visa transferred in less than 20 minutes.  Ten more minutes to wait for the supervisor to sign off and that was it.  On the other hand, it took over 50 minutes to get the re-entry permit transferred as their system involves collecting a huge batch of passports before they start working on them.  Never the less, I was done before 10 am, and had something to eat downstairs before heading back home.  Unfortunately for Jay, he had some problems with his visas and would have to do something different.

This morning, before the trek out to immigration, I booked my trip to Las Vegas in January.  Got a great deal on Southwest from Oakland to Las Vegas for only $118 round trip.  That is cheaper than gas to drive my own car.  Plus, I got a deal on a rental car and a place to stay on another website.  I will take my annual trip to the Kite Trade Association show and well as take in the huge NFAA archery competition and trade show that weekend.   By a stroke of luck, both are back to back to each other so it will make a fun week for me to be in Vegas.

Kind of tired this evening and I want to rest up for some archery tomorrow.  Might be my last outing here in Thailand before going back.  Will definitely miss shooting in shorts and T-shirts with the weather in the 80s and 90s.  After that, I want to see the new Star Wars movie at Paragon Cineplex in the evening.  Seats are cheap here and the theaters offer world class facilities such as 4D screenings (Just booked my ticket for 500 baht).  Typical seats cost around 100-120 bath depending on the theaters and seats selected.  The theaters are modern, clean, and comfortable.  One of the best bargains in the land of smiles.

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