Thursday, January 7, 2016

A new movie

A new movie is out that is going to be game changer for the next presidential election.  13 hours is due to be released next week in select theaters in the Bay Area.  I've always wanted to find out what the people who were actually there had to say about the incident.  Most of the State Department staff were sworn to secrecy and until now, the only thing we hear is what the political sniping by the Benghazi select committee and Hillary's PR people have to say.

Just three days after the event, I posted on my blog that the incident was not a result of the video and that it was an obvious cover-up.  People should go to jail over this kind of stuff.  See except here:

21 countries and counting

Its hard to avoid a passing minute when something else hasn't popped up regarding the unrest in the Middle East during the last few days.  Demonstrations have spread to 21 countries so far.  While the degree of seriousness has varied in these countries, there is one unmistakable theme - there are a lot of people who hate the USA and what we stand for and what we have done.  These people are not demonstrating over a YouTube video, it was a powder keg that was  ready to explode for any reason at all.  I would also venture to say that most of the people in these demonstration don't even know what YouTube is, let alone be offended by the video's content.   This administration is once again denying responsibility and hiding under the cover of this internet video...

These demonstrations were coordinated and initiated by some people who really want to create chaos in the area and fan the fires of hatred towards the USA.  Why do I believe this?  For one, the supposed offending video came out in August, nearly a month ago and has been around for weeks and nothing happened.  Second, its not like the Middle East is so highly connected to the World Wide Web and social media that it went viral in the smartphones of masses in a matter of days.  Third, isn't it strange that these demonstrations and attacks took place on September 11th?  Oh yes, its not everyday that people show up at a peaceful demonstration  with Automatic weapons and explosives...lets not overlook the obvious.

Now we will find that during the fight, there was time to do something to help the trapped men and nothing happened because no one could be found to make a decision.  And the cover-up makes watergate kid's play.  How can a nation be so blind?

It sure made a lot of difference to the four dead American's families and a Nation that is entitled to the truth...By the way, the whereabouts of the Big O  that night has never been disclosed or followed up...would that have made a difference?

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  1. blind because of chemtrails, floride and gates vaccines


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