Thursday, January 14, 2016

Finally got my hat....

Back in 2014, I backed a project on KickStarter to develop a bullet proof baseball cap.  KickStarter is a website where inventors can go to get financial backing via crowd funding for implementing their projects.  As I reviewed the site, I ran across the Bullet Safe baseball cap project.  The idea behind the project was to develop some kind of discrete head protection that could be worn without looking like you are in the middle of a firefight in the middle east.  Their concept was to provide some limited protection on the front of the hat that would help increase the chance of survival in case you got shot in the head.  It did not protect the face, so if you got shot there, well its too bad.

The Armour plate is designed for a baseball cap, but it can be removed and I can see how it can be deployed in other kinds of hats as well.  

Anyway, after a year of development, testing, and certification they sent me one of the first hats off the production line.  We paid for these hats as part of the backing process and they were sold to us at a big discount for being backers.  It arrived this week and I am very happy with how its been constructed and the fit.  This hat will likely not protect me fully in a point blank shot to the head as the concussion would likely kill me even if the bullet doesn't penetrate the skull.  But from any further distance (the more the better), it increases your odds greatly.  Granted you will have some kind of headache for a while, but its better than having a permanent hole of air conditioning in your skull.  The website for the hats is here:

Anyway, here is a video of the product in case you are interested.

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